Over the past decade, I have been active as a facilitator, community organiser, and public engagement specialist.

I have completed over 350 projects with public sector organisations and non-profits of varying sizes and complexities. My assignments have ranged from supporting the integration of mental health services for refugees in Calgary to facilitating workshops across the province on sustainable development; to working with stakeholders on issues concerning gentrification and social inclusion; to supporting a deliberative dialogue process on climate change for the City of Edmonton [See PROJECTS].

A major thrust of my efforts has been to advance the use of participatory photography (photovoice) and digital storytelling to amplify the voices of marginalised communities [See LINK]. I have facilitated workshops on these methods in Kenya, Sweden, Tanzania, Pakistan, Haiti, and the USA.

International projects have focused on poverty and homelessness, HIV/AIDS, sexual identity, childhood injury, and gender and race relations.